About Us

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We are innovators, chemists, engineers, and athletes. Our products were designed to motivate individuals to work extra on their personal projects. The dietary supplements were formulated to assist athletes and gym-goers in training and recovery. Since we guarantee the manufacturing quality, we assure quality control in every batch manufactured. We only use the highest quality ingredients in all of our products and you will never find a filler in any of our products. Everything we put into our products is for the purpose of benefiting you in a positive way. We don’t settle for low-quality ingredients to save money here and there. Here at HD Labs, your health is what’s most important to us. We want you to perform your best and live a long, healthy life.

Our brand HD stands for Hardwork & Dedication which we encourage to see our logo as a symbol of success. With HD success are one more rep, one more all-nighter and just one more chance.

For our retailers, our products are only sold on this website. We do not authorize any outside sales and we agree to a Minimum Advertised Pricing contract so that all products are not sold less anywhere else. As a partner in retail, we want to ensure a pricing protection program and a controlled distribution to avoid any counterfeit products made.