Fitness Goals

Tips To Meet Your Fitness Goals

Making the decision to begin an exercise program is a step in the right direction, however, there are more aspects to address first.

1.  To begin, it is always a good idea to check with your physician and see if you can proceed safely on his/her recommendation.

2.   Choose something that you enjoy doing…if going to the gym is not for you, then even if you join, you most likely will not continue on your own, so maybe find a training partner. Consider your options…maybe you are more of a team sports person.

3.   Be realistic….once you decide on a training program, you need to decide how much time per week you can devote to meet your goals. Over the years, hundreds of clients have told me they are going all out, including seven days a week… most don’t make it past the first week. Even if time allows, I rarely suggest such a rigorous routine, the body needs to work, but it needs to rest also.

4.   You need a sound nutrition program to fuel your exercise program, along with just living a healthy lifestyle.

5.   Consider a vitamin/protein supplement program…remember, you are tearing down and rebuilding your body, and something as simple as adding a protein shake can make a huge difference.  I strongly suggest that you do not follow someone else’s supplement program, it may not be right for you. If you have questions, please contact us at HD Labs, we are here to help you.

6.   Start slow and build your program as your body accepts the new regimen you are doing…if you rush it, you increase the possibility of becoming discouraged and quitting, muscle soreness and injury risk. Just remember, it’s a marathon so pace yourself, it’s not a hundred-yard dash.
7.  If you are a competitive athlete, a bodybuilder, participate in team sports, or want to be, then you will require a different program to meet the additional training, nutrition and supplement requirements.

8.   It is much easier when you allow your new program to become part of your lifestyle, and it becomes a positive habit. Many comment that bodybuilding is their lifestyle, that tennis is their life, or they actually miss out on life because they are over committed. Exercise, eating healthy, and adding supplements should just become second nature or habit, don’t allow it to control your life, because that is not healthy.

9.   Your new health regimen should be focused on wellness, and raising your wellness profile. Many of our ailments, conditions, and diseases are manmade….the meaning here is, many negative health conditions could be avoided or made less serious by creating a wellness lifestyle…again, work with your healthcare practitioner to begin with, in addition to avoiding aggravating a current condition, it gives you great baseline to chart your successes along the way.


  • Tim says:

    Very well written. Stick by this program and you will see amazing results.. I’ve been on this type of program for 20 years and it does work.

  • Sheila says:

    I like the fact that we need to start slow and build a program that is fit for the individual. Too many times I have started out way too much for me to handle. Thanks for the good advice Doc, I’ll think of you as I once again get started towards better health.

  • Faith Daron says:

    Great blog and informative. I have been following Doc Hall’s advice for over twenty years! I am glad he is writing for you. Furthermore, he has taught me to achieve a more balanced and improved quality of life through his advice. Thank you.

  • Faith Daron says:

    For a well balanced experience for your mind, body and spirit, I am so glad to see Doc Hall writing for HD. I have been following Doc Hall’s advice
    for over twenty years! Because of him, my workouts are more effective. Thank you.

  • Doc says:

    If you have a question, please contact us at HD Labs, we are here to help. Doc

  • Myles M. says:

    Consistency is key with this advice! If you don’t remain consistent, you won’t see progress. Supplemental routine adherence and dieting are equally important as training and both are mutually dependent.

  • Doc says:

    Very true….consistancy will bring positive results
    Thanks for your comment, we appreciate it! Doc

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