Recovery Protocol

Recovery Protocol Importance After Exercise

How important is recovery protocol after exercise? I have seen so many athletes spend countless hours in the gym or on the field, but they just don’t see the results for the effort. Their diet is right on target…they never miss a workout…they have a supplement plan….but something is missing. I conducted an in-depth research project on why they were not seeing improvement, and although there were several commonalities, the one that stood out from the rest was this…NO RECOVERY OR MINIMAL RECOVERY.

Let’s say you are working out in the gym…you have completed rep after rep, set after set, and most likely lifted several tons of weight. You have broken down muscle, you have exhausted your body, now what?  Your body needs to recover and return to normal, but how is that accomplished? When asked, most think they have recovered with a bottle of water and maybe a meal later…well that’s a beginning but is not sufficient to recover and to begin the muscle recovery, repair and rebuilding process.

You need to hydrate the body of course to replace the fluids that you have sweated out or used during the workout. Your body also needs good carbohydrates to help replenish energy, and it needs BCAAs/protein for muscle recovery. Your body is not prepared to digest a meal directly after the workout, and I have seen trainees complete their last rep and within seconds they are trying to eat chicken breasts, broccoli, and brown rice. Now that is great for later, but for right now, the best thing to do is drink water, and drink a protein and carb shake to help the body on the road to recovery and to reach your goals. Once recovery begins, then you can sit down to an enjoyable meal.

When you recover properly, you repair the body, you will see and feel changes in your body…you will assist ROM (range of motion), decrease DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and help the body when it comes to sleep/rest by relaxing the muscle/body in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.   In short, if you are not recovering, you are wasting your time. Just ask us for help, we can recommend the proper supplements and when and how to use them.


  • Faith Daron says:

    I was excited to read this article as Doc Hall always taught me that proper recovery after exercise allows one to replenish energy and repair my tissues and muscles, etc. Doc Hall took me from an athlete to a Bodybuilder Champ with his expertise. Have a great day and again, thanks for this great blog!

    • Doc says:

      You were a very good student and you went from an in shape athlete to a Champ….glad to know you still follow my advice from years ago, but that is why you still look fantastic and you look 20 years younger than your age. Take care and keep living the fitness lifestyle…(by the way Faith follows a Vegan diet, and was able to add muscle and strength, and compete as a top level athlete)

  • Mark B. says:

    I never knew about BCAA for recovery until Doc Hall my fitness and nutrition trainer told me about them,I’ve had some injuries but am lifting again and trying to gain muscle and strength also drinking a protein shake before bed is helping me gain weight, slowly but I am gaining.Thanks HD and Doc Hall for this site.

    • Doc says:

      We appreciate your comments and feedback….recovery post workout is a key to results, and pleased to hear the night time protein drink is adding some good muscle mass…it helps me sleep too!

  • Mark says:

    Looking for your new products in the future

    • Doc says:

      We have a very extensive product line on the way….I have been working on the formulations and they are ready for production…we will have an announcement very soon. Thanks for your time, keep training and eating for health! Friend,Doc

  • Dylan says:

    Very interesting article, I have been working with Doc for a couple years now. I found him while I was in high school and following every new trend that was around. He has given me a new perspective into body building.

    • Doc says:

      Thanks Dylan…the reason you are seeing results is you listen and you get the job done. As you know,I will take time, but I won’t waste time, and you are not a time waster. Step by step, you are building the body you want…
      Thanks for checking our website and ordering products,we appreciate it! Friend, Doc

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